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Winter Installation:

We only do one window or door at a time keeping the unit sealed from outside elements.

The old window is taken out, the opening cleaned and prepped for the new window.

Our crew our curtious on conscious of homeowners and their property. We’re Homeowners too.

Why Window & Door Construction In the Winter?

A lot homeowners believe that installing windows or doors in the winter is a bad idea. Most home homeowners will hold off mainly because of too much cold air getting into the house during the renovation. Another misconception is this leads to poor installation, That couldn’t be further from the truth.  It really does not matter what season the window or door is installed. I mean there are limitations and our crews do not come out below -20°C. That said we do a lot of work in the winter and we pass savings onto our clients at that time.

Things to Remember:

Sometimes we do have to replace rotten wood or buidling materials.

The new window is immeddailty put into place and sealed meeting all energy effiency standards.

We use drop sheets and floor protection as we are homeowners too and hate dealing with messy contractors.

We take all measures to protect your contents and overall tempature of the home during construction.

Specially designed for Alberta climate

In Todays market being energy-effiecent is important and with more information being available all the time on new products, consumers want to minimize costs while always increasing preformance. Cutting heating costs can be very important during winter months especially if you own a large home or restrcited to a budget. If your windows are in poor condition do not wait. Beyond the loss of money, poor windows contribute to water leaks, humidity problems and worst case mold. All windows we use will have stickers on them showing the Energy Star symbol indicating the products meets all requirements.