Our Window Styles & Features:

Our main focus is to provide high quality products that are energy star certified at a reasonable cost for your home against these harsh Alberta climates. We offer a wide variety of windows that suite your style and home decore ideas. We have available options such as colors, hardwear, and finish. Turn your plain door into a work of art with sidelights or decorative glass.

Awning Windows

Our Awning windows open up 45 degrees from the bottom letting air circulate freely, while providing a unique protective shield to keep rain out and come with an easy-clean removable screen.

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Casement Window

Casement windows offer top to bottom unobstructed views, structural integrity and wide-open ventilation.

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Single Slider

Our Single Slider window has only one sash that slides horizontally within the frame with the other sash fixed.

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Custom Shaped Window

A window that is custom in design and size. Mostly used in a one-off or custom built home.

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Double Slider

Double Slider windows has both sashes that slide horizontally within the frame and are perfect for a large window area where maximum ventilation is required without obstructing the view.

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Signle Hung

Hung windows are a traditional style of windows found in many homes where the bottom sash slides up to open the window and the top sash is fixed.

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Double Hung

Our Double Hung Windows can open from the top or bottom with an upper and lower sash that slide vertically past each other in a single frame allowing more flexibility in ventilation.

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Bow Window

Bow windows are projection windows that have the benefit of adding space to a home.

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Bay Window

Bay Windows are much desired by homeowners because of the way the project outwards to extend a home, creating more living space.

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Picture Windows

A fixed window. Often used where ventilation is not required, or to provide a larger viewing area.

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