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Our Warranties

All our products are tested by Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and comply with American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) standards. We offer a transferable warranty that applies to windows only installed by Northern Windows & Doors. These warranties takes effect on the date when the original warranty was registered. The warranty is transferable to a second homeowner.

To activate the warranty for a second owner, the transferable warranty must be registered and mailed to our head office.

  • White vinyl window frame and sash ……. Non-prorated lifetime warranty
  • Cap-stock color vinyl window frames and Sash…. 10 years limited lifetime warranty
  • Factory applied color paint ( waterbase)…. 5 year limited warranty
  • Window hardware… 5 year limited lifetime warranty
  • Non- Decorative Super Spacer Installed Glass… 20 years limited lifetime warranty
  • Decorative Installed Glass… 2 year limited warranty

Window Warranty Details:

This warrants all vinyl window frames and sashes against defects in materials and work ship. This includes defects such as blistering, peeling,flaking,corroding,or fading for the time period stated.

This warranty pertains to the exterior surface ONLY and does not cover variations in the color due to normal weathering. Exposure to ultraviolet rays,extreme weather, atmospheric conditions is beyond our control.
Corner welds on cap stock may fade over time and color touch-ups are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Factory applied water based standard colors against such defects in materials and workmanship that might result from paint peeling,flaking,cracking and major discoloration that is not caused by naturally occurring UV exposure on the exterior surface excessive heat and/ or noxious or abrasive materials.

This warrants the hardware against defects for the period stated of the product.
This excludes any over tightening of the mechanism which may cause the roto gear to strip.

Warrants that non decorative insulated glass sealed unit with the super spacers are covered for the period stated against failure of the sealed unit.
A sealed unit failure is defined as a loss of the seal between the glass and the spacer resulting in moisture or dust infiltrating the air space between the
opposing glass surface.

In accordance to the Canadian Glazing Standards Board (CGSB) for glazing quality glass, defects such as minute bubbles,eyes,crystals, and/or scratches
are normal and inherent to any manufactured glass product. This warrants that the glass utilized in the window products has been manufactured in accordance with the Canadian glazing standards board for glazing quality.

Door Warranty Details:

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