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26 Aug

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style

The right windows boost your home’s curb appeal and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your living room. Finding the right windows to compliment your home’s architecture, your personal style, and your environmental needs can be difficult. At Northern Windows and Doors, we offer a wide variety of windows, including custom work, so that you will have exactly what you need when you are renovating or building a home from scratch. Here are our best tips on how to pick the best exterior windows for your home.

Match Your Home’s Architecture to the Windows

Depending on your home’s architecture and styling, different windows will flatter your home better than others. If you have a modern or contemporary home, then you would do well to select floor to ceiling windows with no accents while Tudor style homes work well with diamond mullions (the bars that divide windows into different shapes) on their windows. Windows that do not match the architecture of the house will look jarring and take away from the overall appeal.

Colourful Frames and Mullions

Frames and mullions come white as standard. You can get them in custom colours that better flatter your home. If you have a beige house with a navy blue roof, then matching the frames to the navy roof and the mullions to the beige exterior can create an attractive uniformity. It is a great idea also to paint door frames to match so that it does not stand out against the windows.

Function vs. Styles

Large fixed windows can be a beautiful addition to your home; however, they do not open to allow for fresh air. In an emergency you also cannot use them as an exit unless you shatter them. Decide what you want out of your windows before you make a final decision on the style. Windows that open, even just a crack, are best for kitchen and bathrooms, while fixed windows are suitable for living rooms and the facade of your house. Windows that slide all the way open are best for bedrooms in case of fires or other emergencies.

Building From the Ground Up? Don’t Forget the Sun!

If you are constructing your home from scratch, then you should try to consider the orientation of the sun and pick appropriate windows based on this. You do not want giant windows letting sunshine on your television after work or the rising sun waking you in your bedroom when you try and sleep in. It also will help keep heating and cooling bills low.

Windows as an Interior Design Focal Point

Windows can be used as design focal points for your interiors. A well-placed window with unique mullions, and bay and bow windows can become decor elements as much as any piece of furniture or art. Building around them also helps incorporate your windows into your home rather than having them get in the way of where you want to put art.

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