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29 Sep

The best windows to maximize natural lights

If you are looking for more natural lighting in your Edmonton home, windows are the key to achieving that. Not all windows are created the same when it comes to getting more of the sun’s rays in your home. While some windows are intended for more for ventilation, while others are meant for added privacy. That being said, several window types are perfect for bringing more light in that can work with a wide range of interior decor styles. Here is a guide to help you choose the right windows in Edmonton to get extra light into your rooms.

Low Profile Fixed

Fixed windows or picture windows are the perfect replacement window for enhancing the natural light in any space. These windows do not move, enabling them to produce the maximum amount of glass possible within the building. Fixed windows can be made for almost any shape and size, and their frame can be customized to match with your decor. These windows have distinct low profile frames, specifically designed to increase the amount of light let in through minimalist framing.


These windows work well in floor-to-ceiling rooms, as these details do not move and they can bring in light and scenic views. If you are looking to let in a show-stopping view for your home, low profile fixed windows are just what it needs.

End Vent Slider

These windows offer both ventilation and natural light. They are made from three separate glass panes that offer increased brightness and visibility. Because this style of window opens inward, it is ideal for buildings with interfering external elements. During summer, these windows to let in a cool breeze while letting in as much sunshine as possible.

Bay and Bow

These grand windows usually are featured with three large panes in a curved shape that extends out from the facade of a home. They can be functional or fixed, and allow sunlight in from three directions for maximum light exposure in a room. Bow windows are typically more curved than bay windows, including more panes within a tighter configuration. Either option is guaranteed to add elegance and excitement to any home, increasing curb appeal and adding value to your home.


These windows are like fixed picture windows, except that they open through a cranking mechanism from the bottom. It allows for better ventilation while still maintaining excellent natural lighting. Awning windows are particularly beneficial when it rains since it opens from the bottom. Low profile latches and opening mechanisms allow for a minimalist look without conflicting with drapes or curtains. Mixed with Low-E glass and argon gas infill, you will be hard-pressed to find a better energy rating on a window.

Double Or Single Slider Tilt

These traditional windows are perfect for locations that require a low profile opening mechanism without sacrificing natural light and ventilation. Double or single slider tilt windows have either one or two casement windows that slide from one side to the other. They also shift inwards for better ventilation, removing the possibility of interfering with external features like a driveway or landscaping. These features make them ideal for children’s rooms as well, offering enhanced safety.


If you are looking for replacement windows in Edmonton with a focus on natural lighting, contact Northern Windows and Doors today. Our fully licensed and insured installation team always makes customer satisfaction their priority. All our windows come with a comprehensive warranty, so you can rest assured knowing you are covered. Call us today for a quote or to find out more.

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