Sliding Patio Door

Allowing easy access to a deck or patio, sliding patio door is an excellent alternative to hinged doors. Sliding open versus swinging these doors are ideal for tighter rooms. These doors glide open and usually have handle versus a door knob. This allows to door to be opened even if your hands are full. Sliding patio doors are desgined to draw in natural sun light while saving space. Perfect for patio doors or balconies. Sliding patio doors have large panels made of moving glass.

These doors are perfect for letting in large amounts of sunlight. these large doors slide or glids open easily becasue of a track system holding eveyrthhing in place. Sliding patio doors are a perfect addition to your kitchen by bringing in natural light while providing access to a patio for breakfasts and dinners. Sliding patio doors are come in a wide selection of custom sizes and colors. Contact us today for a free quote on Sliding Patio Doors.

Our sliding patio door features:

  • Available in aluminum
  • Sliding screen options
  • Easy Maintenance

Sliding glass patio doors offer a combination of beauty and low-maintenance. Many colors options available if looking to match current decor or style. We use a thicker, stronger aluminum as it provides better weather resistance and last’s longer than wood or PVC. Our sliding patio doors maintenance free and meet all of manufacturing specifications, while saving money on your electric or gas bill. If money is no object then Sliding patio doors are perfect for creating “outdoor living spaces” by opening up the home to the elements, perfect for a backyard setting. See image below