Single Hung Window

The biggest factor we find that makes or breaks the choice of these windows is when we mention cleaning. Single hung windows are half the work as its only the one window. Another drawback is 2 window panes can be mixed up top versus bottom or even damaged when removing so single hung is generally the window of choice. If you want “a bigger window” you can always go to a custom or picture window. Single hung windows are ideal for exterior places with high traffic like walkways because they open “up” versus “out”.

Northern windows has factory direct pricing so our single hung windows are always at amazing costs. Single hung windows tend to sell better especially to renovation contractors on a budget. These windows are also ideal for small walls on the exterior of the home where Attention to detail is important as they are singled out and noticed more. Single hung windows also tend to get a lot of use being in ideal locations around any home, Most common over the kitchen sink. see image below

Low-Emissive (Low-E) Glass

Low-E glass is manufactured by depositing a microscopically thin, transparent metal or metallic oxide layer on the glass. Low-E coatings reduce radiant heat loss and can reduce the passage of UV rays. Use of heat-resistant (or absorbing) glass began in the 1950s, as did the use of reflective (or mirror) glass.

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Features or details:

-These windows Consist of 2 window panels or what we call in the industry “sashes”.
-The 1st or top sash is fixed
-The 2nd or bottom sash slides up and down.
-The bottom sash can also pop out as an additonal feature.

Single hung windows are a traditional style of windows found in many homes where the bottom sash slides up to open the window and the top sash is fixed. The sash also tilts in to permit easy exterior cleaning from the inside.