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14 Aug

Myths About Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are a welcome and beneficial addition to any home. However, there are some common myths and misconceptions that might deter homeowner’s from investing in and adding a sliding door to their patio. At Northern Windows and Doors, we believe these kind of doors are worthwhile additions to your home, so we want to help dispel some of these common myths.

A common myth about sliding patio doors is that they are not conducive to privacy. With their large profile, this assertion is somewhat understandable; however, privacy issues with sliding patio doors can be avoided by using particular types of glass that obscure outside viewing, such as frosted glass.

Another common myth is that these types of doors are energy inefficient. Again, this is not the case: you can order sliding patio doors composed of dual-paned glass, which is energy-efficient because of its strong insulating ability. In fact, patio doors with dual-paned glass can actually save you money by making your house more energy-efficient. There is clearly no merit to this particular myth.

A myth that the large glass panels of these patio doors are difficult to slide has also developed. Again, the myth is baseless. You may have trouble sliding your patio doors if they are improperly installed or of low quality, but if you get a sliding door and installation from professionals like us at Northern Windows and Doors, we will ensure that your patio doors always glide perfectly.

Similarly, some believe that having a large sliding door is impossible in the first place. Again, this is rarely true, you can have substantially sized sliding patio doors because the weight of the door is at the bottom on the rollers. With the proper weight distribution that comes from a high-quality installation, large sliding patio doors are entirely feasible for your home.

Another baseless myth is that sliding doors are predisposed to allowing rainwater into your home; this could not be farther from the truth. With a high-quality door and professional installation, your sliding patio doors will not have any problem with rain and adverse weather.

The last myth we want to dispel is that sliding doors are in any way unsafe. In particular, people are worried that the glass on sliding patio doors could shatter upon being struck and consequently pose a health and safety risk to nearby occupants. Again, it all comes down to the quality of the door. If you get your door from a reputable company, such as ours, you will never have to worry about this issue; put simply, your sliding patio door will always be safe.

We hope this post has helped clear up some misconceptions for you. If you are interested in sliding patio doors and have any inquiries on the topic, we’d be happy to help you! For more information, please contact us.

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