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11 Sep


When it comes to windows and natural light the bigger is better. Additional windows can add ventilation and aesthetics views. Most glass is installed at eye level while at the same maintaining the privacy of the home’s occupants. Interior windows can be fixed or Operable meaning models can be opened to improve airflow and allow additional natural ventilation in the home.


Arch Windows

Arch or large radius windows include a half-circle usually with a window or door below.  These large arches can also add contrast to the traditional rectangular shape. Many options, including, fixed windows, and or moving ones can be added below to make a very nice presentation. These large arches also allow more natural light to come into the home and are traditionally above eye level.

Glass Doors

Glass doors can really increase the light and the vertical inlet allows lots of light to come into the home as well as allowing the homeowner to see who or what is on the other side. This glass is generally manipulated to look blurred. This can also be removed or replaced for a clear panel.

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