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22 Apr

How Different Types of Installation Affects the Price of Your Windows

You can’t live in a house without a few windows scattered throughout. Not only does it give you a nice view of your neighborhood, but it also allows for natural airflow and sunlight to filter into your home. You can also expect that these windows will need to be replaced at some point, depending on your climate, the age of your windows, the materials used to frame it and more. Windows should last you about 25 years, but circumstances can lead to them needing to be replaced sooner rather than later.


When it comes to the cost of window replacement, many factors can affect it, including the size of the job, the brand, and style of the windows themselves, the overall quality, the type of glass used and the installation method. The biggest factor that can affect the cost of window replacements is the type of installation process needed to get the job done right. We’re going to dive into the two most common types of window installation that could drastically increase or decrease your budget.

Installed Into an Existing Frame

Also known as the retrofit installation methods, choosing this installation process only works if you’re inserted new windows into a pre-existing window frame. During this installation, everything except the window itself is left intact. That includes the pillars and wooden frame that the window attaches to. To save you some money, your contractor can also use aluminum capping when dealing with the outer cover of the windows instead of replacing the existing brick mold. This is the installation option for you if you’re only replacing a window, as it doesn’t cost nearly as much as if you were to rebuild the window frames and overall structure.

Full Frame Installation

Also known as the brick-to-brick installation method, deciding to proceed with this installation process means rebuilding and replacing the entire existing window frame structure. This is necessary if you’re replacing your windows with ones of a different style or size. Ripping everything out right down to the nails, this might also be an option if you have a lot of moisture within your wooden frame or if the wood has begun to rot. Your contractor will need to build the frame on-site, install the window itself, the interior trim and exterior brick molds, all of which will cost you much more than a simple, retrofit window replacement.


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