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28 Sep

Frequently asked questions about replacing windows

What kinds of windows should I get?

Depending on your personal style, replacement windows offer many styles, including double-hung windows, sliding windows, casement, bow, and bay windows. These new replacement windows meet all current standards for heat and cost-efficiency. Our team will help you choose from all of the various options.

How much do replacement windows cost?

There’s no easy answer to this question except to do a visual home inspection. Sometimes depending on the situation our staff can determine a windows replacement by a simple picture however being on-site is always preferred as many variables can apply. We can help you choose a budget and different types of windows and materials. Our sales staff are happy to supply prices before you commit to buying anything. We also offer flexible financing and payment options.

How much can I really save with new windows?

Installing new windows like Low-E coatings, which reflect infrared energy and let visible light in do result in long term savings for most homeowners. All of our windows carry the Energy Star label.

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