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26 Nov

Edmonton homeowners are choosing the best window replacement options for their home

Windows are essential for your home for a variety of reasons. First, they form a medium for sunlight and fresh air to enter your home, secondly they support ventilation and supply oxygen from outside trees, and thirdly, they add to the beauty and structure of your home. Having said that, while constructing a new home, finding the right window style to match your taste, comfort and personal preference may be a bit difficult. But do you know what is harder? Deciding when to replace an old window.

Ordering and installation

In an ideal scenario, you would wish that ordering windows and installing them would happen right at the same time. However, that is far away from reality. Ordering can seldom work at the same time as you are having them fitted. Winter months are best to order your new windows as manufacturers are less busy during those times. April and May are usually notorious for higher prices and lesser availability of installers. It may be prudent to order in January and wait until the weather is slightly better to book installation. If you have limited space to store your uninstalled windows, you may not be able to store windows for a long time. Make sure to time the gap between ordering and installation smartly.

Seasonal considerations

Considering the harsh winters in Canada, many people may prefer installing their windows in warmer months. Actually, there are many advantages to winter installations, namely:

  1. No excessive humidity or heat
  2. No bugs to deter work
  3. Readily available workforce
  4. Ample rescheduling options

Bear in mind that winter installations can be time-consuming. Harsh winters can diminish productivity. Plus, your windows will be open until the installation is complete, which means you will have to bear the brunt of the harsh winter for a while. Your installer will have to use suitable caulking and adhesives to seal the windows correctly.

If you are considering shifting the window installation to spring or summer times, there are quite a few potential benefits to it too.

  1. Better weather
  2. Improved productivity due to favourable working conditions
  3. No need to clear ice and snow buildup
  4. Ease of drying-fresh paint and filling
  5. Quicker installation

However, there are few downsides to summer installation too:

  1. Difficulty in scheduling or rescheduling an installation appointment as the workers are already booked
  2. Fewer chances of finding a great sale on windows

No matter when you plan to install new windows, make sure to consider the above points and work out the best deal that is suitable for your schedule and budget. Invest time to think on the design, colours and best fit for your home. After all, windows add an aesthetic element to any home.

If you are considering the replacement of your windows and are confused about options, contact Northern Windows and Doors for a customized plan. Our team of experienced professionals at Northern Windows and Doors can help you plan and complete window installations in a quick, convenient and efficient way. Come visit us in our new showroom.

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