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14 Aug

Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

By installing new windows, you can easily change the whole look and function of your home. A good set of windows enables you to enjoy fresh air yet will protect your home when it gets below freezing. At Northern Window and Doors, we carry nine varieties of standard windows for our customers to choose between, and for someone who needs something extra special we offer custom window solutions. Our windows are all high-efficiency PVC and come in a variety of colours. Your needs will determine what kind of window you get as well as the space you have available and what kind of look you are after.

Bay and Bow Windows

Seven of the nine window styles that we offer are flat and flush to the house. The two others are bay and bow windows, which extend out from the home and create a small seating area or shelf. A bay window is made up of three panes of glass, angled to form half of a hexagon perfect for a kitchen or a living room. In a kitchen, it is dreamy above the sink, with lots of extra space created for plants and knickknacks. Bay windows also are perfect for in-kitchen dining areas and can be used to add extra bench seating for a kitchen table to save space. Bow windows are more often used for living and family rooms. They are made up of five panes of glass and are not angled like a bay window but curved to form a bow like from a bow and arrow. They allow for great views, and single panes can include casement features so that you can get a breeze.

Fixed Windows

There are two main reasons why you need a fixed window. One is that the area does not require ventilation. In most homes, fixed windows are used when you want a larger viewing area, especially floor to ceiling windows without any kind of interruption or break. This type of window is best if you have a view that you really want to enjoy. Many people also flank one large picture window with thin and tall casement windows on either side, so that they can still get a little bit of a breeze.

Fresh Air

A majority of windows are squared or rectangular and can be opened. The type of opening depends a lot on what kind of weather you have and how much breeze you want to be able to come into your home. Awning windows and double-hung windows are great for ventilation but let a lot of adverse weather in. Singler slider windows and double slider windows are a happy medium but also can be susceptible to letting in snow or rain. Single-hung windows and casement windows can be cracked just a little bit, and a casement window can help keep out snow or rain.

Customize It

At Northern Windows and Doors, we can make windows in any size or shape you need so that choosing the right windows for your home includes limitless possibilities. Contact us today if you need windows and doors installation in Edmonton, and we will be happy to outfit your home.

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