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09 Jul

Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie: In northern Alberta, about 275 miles northeast of Edmonton is a well-known city called Grande Prairie, Alberta. The city is surrounded by rolling hills of farmland to...

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18 Jun

Single Slider

Single Slider Window: Single slider windows open horizontally via a track and these windows are ideal for exterior walkways or patios. Very easy to operate and maintain. Easily the...

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07 Jun

Entry Doors

Entry Doors: Some say curb appeal starts with the windows. Others say the lawn. We think curb appeal starts with the right entry door. Entry doors offer the greatest...

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17 May

Garden Patio Doors

Garden Patio Doors: Garden Patio Doors provide easy access to the garden. These doors are generally hinged are built with one door fixed and the other swings open. The...

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09 Apr

Sliding Doors

Sliding Patio Door: Our sliding patio doors are maintenance-free and meet all of the manufacturing specifications while saving money on your electric or gas bill. If money is no...

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09 Apr

Bow and Bay Windows

Bow and Bay Windows: When we talk about bow or bay windows, first thing that comes to our mind is light, a lot of light that comes through these...

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07 Oct


PROPER WINDOW INSTALLATION FOR MY HOME: Depending on the current state of both the windows and the frame, this will have the biggest impact on materials, options and prices....

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28 Sep

Frequently asked questions about replacing windows

What kinds of windows should I get? Depending on your personal style, replacement windows offer many styles, including double-hung windows, sliding windows, casement, bow, and bay windows. These new...

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11 Sep


When it comes to windows and natural light the bigger is better. Additional windows can add ventilation and aesthetics views. Most glass is installed at eye level while at...

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28 Aug

Improve the Value of Your Home

Yes, New windows and doors can add value to any home. Curb appeal is something that gives a perceived value of any home. New windows and doors stand out...

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