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14 Aug

7 Window Privacy Ideas

Having beautiful, big windows allow natural light and fresh air into your home which you can enjoy on hot summer days. Having tons of windows is lovely, but the reality of windows is that you do lack privacy. You want to be able to enjoy your home without having people looking in, especially burglars waiting to see if you are home and when you have gone to bed. Different window treatments can offer the coverage that you desire while also letting you have natural light and fresh air when you want it most. Here are our top seven window treatments that you should consider to improve privacy in your home.



Blinds are one of the more standard options for window coverings. They are slats that can be made out of wood, plastic, vinyl, or other materials, that can be pulled up or down and tilted to let in lots of light, a limited amount of light, and no light. Blinds can be vertical or horizontal.


Shades are fabric window coverings that come in two styles; folding shades and rolling shades. Folding shades fold into themselves so that they sit compactly at the top of the window. Most folding shades let some light into the room even when fully down but do obscure what is inside. Rolling shades are usually heavier and when pulled all the way down they do not let any light in.

Interior Shutters

Unlike exterior shutters, which are mostly decorative now, interior shutters can be opened and closed to let in the sun. Usually made of wood, when shutters are closed, the slats in the shutters themselves can be closed or opened via a piece of wood that runs straight down the slats to let in a controlled amount of light.

Exterior Window Privacy Screens

These are window treatments that go onto the outside of your home. Better suited to bathroom windows they do allow light through but are slatted and angled close enough together that people outside of your home cannot see in. In bathrooms, you can use them to let steam out without the fear of anyone seeing inside.


Curtains can be made out of a variety of fabrics that suit your taste and style. Some curtains come in gauzy fabrics that let a lot of light through and only partially obstruct the view from the outside. Other curtains come in heavy fabrics that keep all light out and ensure complete privacy. Curtains can be used with shades or blinds to add additional privacy.

Frosted Glass

Perfect for front door windows and bathrooms, textured glass lets in natural light while obscuring the people inside. This type of glass can also be used for glass shower doors.

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